Automated solution for the photometric inspection of headlamps

Automated solution for the photometric inspection of headlamps


Car lighting is suitable to the outdoor environment and is becoming increasingly efficient :

  • Intelligent progressive lighting systems
  • Directional, dynamic and automatic lighting technologies

LED headlights provide better road lighting, are less intrusive to other drivers and consume less electricity.
Their operation must be precise to meet the requirements of road visibility.

EDIXIA AUTOMATION's photometric and geometric headlamp control  garantee  a high level of optical excellence solution.

Thanks to an adapted inspection of your car headlight, a headlamp contributing to security driving is guaranteed.

To meet your needs, EDIXIA AUTOMATION offers solutions for photometric and geometric control of headlamps adapted to each type of car headlight.

Discover in details our CELIA leaflet!


EDIXIA AUTOMATION designs artificial vision systems that detect defects on produced parts.
The deployment of these automated tools reduces costs, makes inspection more reliable and provides a solution to the shortage of manpower.
These surface inspection solutions integrated on production lines guarantee quality and enhance production by classifying the parts produced.
As a partner in your digital transformation, EDIXIA AUTOMATION optimizes the competitiveness of your industrial site.
Your need for quality production is our priority.
We study your requests and transform them into partner projects.

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