Inspection solution dedicated to composite textiles

Inspection solution dedicated to composite textiles
or preform inspection solution

On the manufacturing lines of composite parts, operators perform quality control using tools or visual inspection.
Nowadays, the automation of inspection by artificial vision
optimizes manufacturing processes and reduces quality control time.

Edixia PF-inspect solutions are adapted to both segments of composites such as :


  • The manufacture of fabrics and webs in composite fibers: UD, Multiaxial fabrics
  • The preforming process which consists in handling with an automated system a preformed ply of composites and to deposit it on a mold.

Our sensors are directly integrated into the web weaving machines for a continuous control in order to save control time.
For preform cells, the sensors are
located on the grippers for control during pick and place operations.
The machine checks the quality of the material before and after it is placed on the mold.

EDIXIA AUTOMATION système measures and locates:

  • The positioning and fold orientation
  • Weaving defects
  • Missing fibre
  • Missing elements, pulling
  • Texture inclusions
  • Deburring, delaminating defects
  • Foreign bodies
  • Fold defects
  • Defect mapping …

To meet your needs, EDIXIA AUTOMATION offers a surface inspection system integrated to your machines, with control solutions adapted to the constraints of your lines.

Learn more about our PF-INSPECT brochure, the benefits of surface inspection of composite materials!


EDIXIA AUTOMATION designs artificial vision systems that detect defects on produced parts.
The deployment of these automated tools reduces costs, makes inspection more reliable and provides a solution to the shortage of manpower.
These surface inspection solutions integrated on production lines guarantee quality and enhance production by classifying the parts produced.
As a partner in your digital transformation, EDIXIA AUTOMATION optimizes the competitiveness of your industrial site.
Your need for quality production is our priority.
We study your requests and transform them into partner projects.

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